Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Having a change of things

So I haven't reviewed anything for a while, the main reason being is that my job is getting in the way of things, leaving me exhausted in which I can barely feel like writing anything up.

However I do continue to follow this Spring Season's Line-Up, so I've decided instead of reviewing each episode each week, instead I'll review each series as a whole once it's finished, this will make things a lot easier for me and I'll find it a lot more fun to write about.
However I will write about my thoughts with new series, covering the first episode, just to get my impression's of it out there.

Whether I'll continue to blog about manga I do not know, I might blog about a month's worth of chapter's or just entirely drop it. Right now talking about manga is not on my priority's.

Other than that I haven't much else to say, I'm looking forward to reviewing my first full series and I hope you guys out there enjoy it, again if anyone wants to join me let me know! Thanks for reading :) Josh~

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