Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Arakawa under the Bridge 04 - Yep it's official, I'm in love...(with this anime.)

I also run away after reading Bleach's latest chapter's, a common reaction among all of us.

Thoughts -

I don't know what I can say in this review that wouldn't differ from last week's, basically I'm going to be praising this episode like a mad fan boy all over again.

This week's episode surprised me actually, whilst the comedy was most certainly still there the first half of this episode had some interesting development between Nino and Ric in which they shared some touching and hilarious scenes together.

It continued from where last week ended, we see how Nino and Ric's date played out (unfortunately Nino did not continue to wear the beautiful dress, perhaps Shaft were too lazy to animate it?). It was pretty cute and funny to see their odd efforts in making a perfect date, with making the correct distance with each other and Ric holding Nino like attempting to hold Nino like a princess, but ultimately doing it entirely wrong.

Cinderella would be a lot less romantic if she had been carried like this.

Of course these odd efforts led to them both being very tired out, it's here Ric decides to ask the question that was burning in his head from the last episode, from when he saw Nino in a dress. Did she wear anything like that in the past? The question however gave off an odd sad reaction off Nino, and what Ric said about her bringing up the topic about being from Venus when not wanting to answer a question appears to be true.

I find this pretty interesting myself as to whether Nino really is from Venus or not, you could call me a complete idiot and say she obviously isn't but this is an anime series we're talking about here, not reality. However assuming of course it isn't true then it'll be interesting if her true past is touched upon.

We actually got to see many different faces and sides of Nino in the first half due to Rics efforts and action's. She was rather touched by the fact he jumped into the river just to let one of her grass boats to flow to the sea. She even blushed! Unfortunately we didn't get a full face shot of it but we could still see that she was blushing.

I really really enjoyed this first half of the episode, and it was wonderful to see that even Nino has a bit of a girly embarrassed side to her, and that perhaps something will grow and blossom between the two. I really hope it does as they can be very cute together, and the two seem to be growing fond of each other.

She's so cute..even when we can only see the bottom half of her blushing face.

So the rest of the episode introduced us to a new character, a little girl named Stella, who knows Sister all the way from England. She is extremely cute and I'm sure many Lolicon's will love her.

However someone has to look after her, many people are busy, and the few that aren't run away before Ric can. So it's up to Ric to look after the cute little Stella. However he soon finds himself warming up to her and she says that she wants a one-on-one, this is her idea of 'playing'.

Poor Ric didn't see what was coming to him, Stella basically almost beat him to death, something I'm sure she learned off Sister. I think she should be added to Street Fighter, trust me she'd fit in fine.
Anyway it's after Ric's beating that we see she's rather demonic underneath the cute little girl appearance and she now regards Ric as someone who is even lower than him. How many more resident's will hate this guy?

Her stare is enough to make Armstrong break into tear's, that's how powerful she is!

We also get to meet Maria, who appears to be a cute farm like lady. However we soon see she's as twisted as all the other resident's. Viciously verbally abusing Ric and Sister whilst maintaining her calm cheerful demeanour is an impressive feat and is pretty funny in it's self. Sister appeared to be able to keep his cool when he was being insulted, saying he was sorry each time she abused him. However in the end his scar ended up bursting with blood blasting out. Even Sister isn't invincible!

This was another great episode and made me like this anime even more than I already did. I'm hoping we get even more development between Ric and Nino as it creates some golden comedy moments and some heart warming scenes.

Now lets hope the next person Ric meets doesn't traumatize him.

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