Friday, 2 April 2010

Air Gear 273 - I have the same problem


Considering she only wears panties, her butt must get easily irritated.

So this was a fairly exciting chapter. There was some fan service from our 'Loliko-san', she is indeed a fun character.

It was also cool to see a move that originated from Spitfire, I always did like him.

But the main focus of the chapter seemed to be of Ikki's technique's being accused of being nothing more than rip off's of Sora's, while that may be true our Loliko-san remind us that it isn't called ripping off, it's called learning.

With that said Ikki looks all fired up again to fight, and i'm looking forward to how this battle will pan out, although i'm sure the next chapter will be panning back to the other characters, which will be a bit of shame.

And I now part you witha friendly reminder.

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