Sunday, 25 April 2010

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 54 - Oh the manliness!

I would love to be hugged by this man.

Thoughts -

Well this was a very solid fantastic episode. I enjoyed myself from start till end with this one. We got to see the conclusion between Mustang Vs Envy, obviously Envy was still unable to put up a fight and the fact he hurt Hawkeye a bit must of furthered Mustang's rage.

It was extremely cool to watch Mustang repeatedly click away and burn Envy relentlessly, and you could really feel a difference from the time where he was killing Lust. This time round you can really see and feel a lot of rage from him. He clearly wasn't holding back.

Lord almighty, I feel my temperature rising.. Higher, higher, it's burning through to my soul! ...I'll stop >.>

I do love seeing how easy it was for Mustang to over-power Envy and as I've said before I hope he's able to burn at least one more person epically before the series ends.

Of course Mustang was stopped from killing Envy, in a way it felt a bit cliché from the speeches Mustang was given about revenge, but they made a good point of that if he intends to become the leader of the country, he cannot let his emotion's sway him so easily.

Envy yet again tried to stir them up, taunting them. But Ed realize's when Envy taunts these people and insults them, secretly he's jealous of humans, that they all have each other to support one another.
In the end he decides to kill himself. It was quite a sad scene and for me I almost felt like Envy gained a bit of humanity, since at his ultimate end, someone was able to understand him.

Armstrong puts his bones back in their socket the manly way!

Also this episode we went back to seeing how the Armstrong twins were doing, Olivia is doing a good job of ordering around the soldier's and taking down the puppet zombie things. However the man who truly shined in this episode of course was Alex Armstrong!

He took a fair beat of beatings from Sloth and it was impressive to see he was still able to stand after such a beating. He even took Sloth's deadly hit just so he could put his shoulder back into place! If that isn't manly or epic I don't know what is.

This lead to a very exciting scene in which Armstrong now was clearly able to overpower Sloth, and the music that was played along with this helped make the scene and character equally epic. If after this episode you still don't like Armstrong then you are insane dear reader!

Superman looks like a little girl compared to Armstrong.

I'm excited to see that Izumi our most cool Housewife is back in the scene of things, read to kick some ass! It was pretty funny to see that this time she decided to introduce herself as an Alchemist rather than just a Housewife. I look forward to seeing what havoc she shall be giving to Central.

Oddly in this weeks episode the ED was gone, well the music was still present but we got a few more extra scenes that mainly focused on us seeing the lead up to Hohenhiem facing Father, very exciting!

Another great episode in which Bones continue to prove their worth! This series really is a delight to watch and I can't wait for next weeks episode! I only hope we get a bit more manly Armstrong >.>


  1. You would loved to be hugged by Alex Armstrong? You are a brave person lol. I would think twice about letting someone that big and strong crack my ribs with a bear hug.

  2. It would be worth it though :'D