Saturday, 17 April 2010

B Gata H Kei 03 - Uh oh.. is that...genericness I see..?

A foreign good looking girl rivalling the main girls looks? I smell typical harem..

Thoughts -

Oh no.... BGHK I thought you were better than this...but it seems what I feared may become true...but I hope i'm proven wrong..

So far there's small rather alerting signs of the typical harem show propping up, with the childhood friend who fancys the guy, the of course beautiful main girl who ends up liking him and now with have this above foreign girl...well as long as she doesn't fall for him we'll be safe!

Now odd worry's aside onto my brain's thoughts. Over all it wasn't actually a bad episode, it mainly focused on Kosuda's boring interest in photography and Yamada's continued humorous efforts to seduce him. So far the same formula left un-changed.

I never noticed how hot the teacher is, who else hopes she gets more screen time?

However just because the formula for episode's hasn't changed doesn't mean the episode was any less interesting. Yamada appears to be getting more and more daring with efforts to seduce him. Going far enough to unbutton her shirt and unclasp her bra. However as we all know things don't go according to plan.

But Kosuda does end up feeling up her breasts when attempting to find his way around the pitch black room, he of course has no idea what he's touching, she's of course incredibly nervous and getting turned on.

Despite her frustrations that things didn't work out as she hoped the two of them still shared a nice scene together later on. However after the Tit grabbing experience they have been left very sensitive, where we almost have her masturbating (Not when Kosuda was around mind, she was in her bedroom.)
However whenever it seems some feelings may be cropping up she ends up laughing madly at the thought of her finally being ravaged by him. I suppose it'll take some more time for her feelings to become stronger for him.

KissXSis shows a lot more worse things than this and doesn't get censored, I suppose this is what makes us buy the DVD's though.

The rest of the episode focused on the Cultral festival, where Yamada waited in the haunted house to jump onto Kosuda, unfortunately for her, he didn't even show up. Frustrated by this she decides to join the Miss Takizawa High School contest, where people appear to vote for who they think is the best looking.

Yamada clearly over takes everyone with ease until the mysterious foreign girl starts to rival her, Yamada barely wins, she now hopes Kosuda see's how much she's truly worth, though this just makes him think he isn't worthy enough for her, and he has no chance with her. Man talk about frustrating character's huh?

After the festival ends everybody of course dances around the fire together, Yamada waits for Kosuda, but he doesn't show up. Eventually he decides he wants to dance with her, even if he isn't good enough. He ends up having to wait in the line of people wanting to dance with Yamada. and when it's finally his turn the music stops, but they decide to dance together anyway.

Another nice touching scene between the two, which i'm sure will help Yamada's tiny feelings for him to grow.

Crap photo if you ask me, Diane Arbus's work beats this any day (Look her up.)

Like I said before the episode wasn't bad, I just wish they'd shake things up a bit now, maybe add a more serious side now and then?

I'm not completely sure what this show needs right now, I just hope they can keep me interested enough to not drop it.

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