Wednesday, 21 April 2010

One Piece 582 - Trying to hold back the tears myself

A side of Luffy we've never seen, quite a heartbreaking sight.

Thoughts -

So we got a two week time skip for this chapter, which surprised me since I thought the manga would focus on other characters for the time being during Luffy's recovery. However I have no problem with the skip, I sort of prefer it in a way.

However one thing that confused me was that Law was still around? I thought he was off to the New World, I suppose he intended to over-see Luffy's full recovery. I gotta say I really like Law and I'm hoping him and the Straw Hats continue to have a good relationship or rivalry, perhaps Law will end up being Luffy's pirate rival?

We saw Iva leave along with the other Okama's, another thing that surprised me if i'm honest. I thought Iva would stick around till Luffy was fully healed, not just the injury's but also stick around to make sure his mind would not remain so broken and distraught. I suppose he has other things to attend to though, I wonder if we'll see Iva and Sanji meet?

However of course the big part of this chapter was Luffy going on a rampage around the forest, over-come with despair due to Ace's death. It actually managed to bring a few tears to my eyes when he started to cry, and poor Jinbei seems at loss with how to handle Luffy. My best bet is that Jinbei will eventually be able to turn Luffy around, to properly help him, he'll eventually find the right words for Luffy.

The rest of the chapter gave us a flashback to Luffy's childhood, to be accurate, the time where he first met Ace. We also finally got to see Dadan who doesn't appear to be too fond of having to raise the two. I wonder if we'll see Dadan in any future chapters? I assume we will.

Luffy's mouth continue's to defy the laws of physics... as does most of the story.. (>.>)

All in all it was a decent chapter for me, and I'm still enjoying the refreshing change of pace. I'm looking forward to seeing how Luffy will bring himself back up and where he will go from there regarding his lost crew. But I'm also looking forward to seeing those two's childhood together, I do enjoy getting some light shed on a character's past.

Unfortunately I believe there is no chapter next week due to Golden Week, I may be wrong though it may be the week after we get no chapter...well don't take my word for it :P


  1. Luffy is made of rubber, so his mouth does defy usual facial physics. I still can't get used to the snot-in-tears crying though.

  2. The snot-in tears thing is a bit of a mix for me, sometimes I feel it works other times it does look quite stupid.

    I'm guessing it's a trait that came from Dragonball (which I've never read or watched.)

  3. I don't really remember people crying in Dragonball, especially over someone's death since either it was the bad guy who died or they can bring the person back with the Dragon Balls.