Friday, 2 April 2010

One Piece 580 - The Hat has been saved!


I'm having trouble on deciding who's hat I like more, Law's or Luffy's?

So this chapter wasn't as eventful as I thought it was going to be, I was expecting for the Red Hairs to fight a bit, to force some of whitebeard's and marines down, but at the end Sengoku declared the War was now over.

This isn't a complaint though, I feel at this point for the War to go on any longer may start to make it tiresome, I feel Oda did the right decision to end it now, and what a good choice on the person to end it!

Although I thought Shanks would personally be giving his hat back to Luffy after he had recovered, but it seems the two won't be reuniting for a while still.

Also Law barely made his escape considering 3 admirals have attempted to stop him. And with Kizaru saying they had escaped 'for now', it makes me wonder whether Luffy will not be actively haunted upon by the Marines or perhaps even some Bounty Hunters. I'm sure with Luffys recent actions and the reveal of him being Dragon's son, the world is going to be treating him differently.

With that said unfortunately there is no chapter next week as One Piece goes on a break, which is most sad for me considering this is the one manga I look most forward to each week, heres hoping Oda has more exciting things awaiting us.

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