Sunday, 18 April 2010

Katanagatari 04 - .....yep, we've been trolled.

On a brighter note I think we've found the girl to kill Aizen.

Thoughts -

So I'm sure regular watchers of Katanagatari would've been disappointed and confused to see that the preview for this episode, has almost nothing to do with the episode it's self, in fact what we saw in the preview we didn't even see in this episode.

I'll make it clear that this wasn't a mistake on the broadcasters or animation company's fault, this was intended. I have no idea why they did this, it appears in the light novels we don't get to see (well read) about the fight either. I wouldn't mind this so much but the fact they gave us preview so bloody exciting and then gave us something not all that exciting was a massive dick move, I've lost some love for this series.

With that made clear I'll start to talk about the actual episode now. It mainly focused on Shichika's big sister Nanami, where 3 Ninja's from Maniwa Corps, intending to kidnap her. However we have as an audience and the Ninja's have clearly under-estimated her..

Where will Shichika's hands up? I know where mine would go.. >_>

Seriously, none of the Ninja's are able to over-power her, it appears despite the fact she was never trained she's madly powerful. All she has to do is see someone's technique in order to learn it, watching is basically training for her. We see her pick up technique's in seconds that took the Ninja's a good deal of their live's to learn.

She's actually quite scary and disturbing, we hear a childhood story from her about when Shichika kept on biting his nails and wouldn't stop, so she ripped his nails out as discipline, since then he never bit them again. It's effective but fucking scary..

She also had no problem with shoving some blades through one of the Ninja's mouth, she didn't appear to even flinch. She didn't appear to flinch when killing the others either. However this is a trait Shichika appears to share as well, in the last episode when he killed his opponent he did not seem to show any regret or guilt. Truly odd siblings indeed.

I don't care how cute she is, ripping out my nails would make me scared of her for life.

Despite her disturbing this episode was, I do appreciate getting to see what the big sister is up to since Shichika left the island. It was also awesome to see how she could easily over-power those ninja's, in a way I want to see in the future fight someone even stronger.

She did consider leaving the island to join Togame and Shichika and their journey, whether she decides to or not we do not know. I'm hoping she does, she's one character I'd love to see more of.

Oh look, there's the site of the battle we never got to watch.

So despite the fact we were heavily trolled I still did enjoy this episode, Katanagatari continue's to have short battles though, full of plenty of talking. I did have a problem with this at the start but I'm starting to grow use to it.

I'm trying not to get too excited about the next episode in case we get trolled again, either way I'll look forward to Katanagatari in general, and I can only hope that epic fight we hoped for will be released on one of the DVD's.

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