Monday, 12 April 2010

Beelzebub 56 - Odd matches, but exciting chapters ahead

When Oga hits someone, he sure does it with style and awesomeness.

Chapter Summary -

Everyone makes their move this chapter, and we see who shall be fighting who. Aoi recieves a damaging blow from Mikki but manages to counter him the second time, Tatsuya appears to be fighting the 'moe' man with the sword, an odd combination indeed. So how will Oga and his match up fair together..?

Thoughts -

This was quite the cool odd chapter indeed.

I call it odd since the matches up I did not expect, I thought Oga would be fighting Mikki but it seems he's fighting the guy who he gave a small quiz to last time. It appears the one who shall be fighting Mikki is Aoi, a match up i'm concerned about. So far it's been implied Mikki is extremly strong, and it appears he'd be almost too much for even Oga to handle, so i'm hoping Aoi won't receive too much of a beating.

Mikki you better not hurt my Aoi too much, or heads will roll!

It's nice to see Oga finally over-power one of these guys though, they've been under-estimating these guys a lot so Oga finally punching them so hard that they go flying back is an extremely satisfying thing to see.

I'm guessing this fight will be cut short though, I can see it being interrupted by teacher's or something, since I'm sure eventually, Oga will face Mikki and eventually somehow take him down.

Things are indeed getting more exciting as each chapter passes, lets hope Oga manages to over-whelm this guys and show them how strong he can truly be.

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