Sunday, 11 April 2010

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 52 - If only every other anime could stay as consistently good as this one does

Everyone has their part to play on the promised day, even Yoki, hard to believe isn't it?

Episode Summary -

The episode starts out with Al fighting with Pride and Kimblee, despite him being out-numbered, the philosophers stone gains him a huge advantage in which he can use a vast amount of tricks. Eventually he manages to seal pride in darkness again.
However after Kimblee has a small talk with Al, he reveals he also has a philosopher's stone, making things even worse for Al.

Elsewhere, Alex and Olivia continue their fight with Sloth, who is starting to get annoyed by the amount of times he's getting killed, and decides to actually put some effort into the fight. It's here we see that Sloth isn't as slow as his name or personality suggests, he is in fact the fastest Homunculus, moving so fast that Alex and Olivia have a hard time following him. He may be fast, but he can't keep up with it himself though, causing him to smash all over the room. He then aims for Olivia, and appears to succeed.

Back to Al and his fight, Kimblee manages to find where Al is amongst the all the smoke, although Al when found continues to make another smoke-screen. However with Pride's now keen sense of smell he is able to pin point where Al is. But the smoke-screen wasn't just for hiding Al, it was able to let Heinkel take down Kimblee with a bit to the throat.

We then come back to Ed and the gang as they continue to fight the mindless dummy's, we also see that Sloth failed in fully injuring Olivia, as Alex stopped the blow, he then drops Sloth down to the below floor. However Sloth then crumbles the above floor causing Olivia and Alex to fall down with him.

It's later revealed the smoke-screen Al used was able to let him give the stone to Marcoh so Heinkel could be partly healed. Pride goes and advances onto Marcoh in order to get rid of him, but Yoki intervenes and manages to get everyone to escape safely. Afterwards with Kimblee slowly dieing and un-able to breathe, Pride eats Kimblee in order for replenishment, and also so Kimblee could live on in Pride and see what the world would turn into, something he wish to see.

As Olivia gains consciousness again she See's Alex has managed to stop Sloth in his tracks temporarily. It's during this moment the Dummy's also arrive in on the scene, attacking the various soldier's. Olivia then makes it clear the soldiers need to make a choice, either kill her and Alex on the spot, or team up with them so they can both live.

We eventually come back to Mai as we see her avoiding Envy's blows, and along with having to avoid the many dummies, however they continue to be an endless source of power for Envy. Again back to Ed and gang as they are still dealing with all the Dummies, they're all reaching there limit and slowly getting the clear disadvantage. It's at this moment that Mustang arrives and burns a good number of the Dummies, offering his help to Ed and the team.

Thoughts -

This was a very action packed episode, and the focus was switching all the time, but it wasn't so much that it made anything confusing, and it managed to keep the episode exciting through out it all till the end.

There was some nice animation from Al using the philisophers stone, sometimes bordering on movie animation levels. It was very cool to see Al over-power Kimblee and Pride. Usually the characters get out of wits and worknig together as a team, so it was nice to see Al kick some ass on his own.

My favorite bit and a part I've been looking to for a while was Heinkel take a bite into Kimblee's neck, it's a very cool and shocking scene.

There's such a thing as biting off more than you can chew, with Heinkel that's rarely a problem.

I enjoyed seeing Sloth vs Alex and Olivia, it's sort of delicous irony to see that Sloth is actually the fastest Homunculus. It almost gave Olivia her end if it wasn't for Alex, so it was a strong moment seeing despite Sloth's bigger build Alex managed to stop him.

I'm wondering if Sloth's own end will be next episode, suppose we'll find out next week.

One thing I have to mention though is that during the middle of the episode they used the OP music during some of the fight scenes, for me this felt very odd and out of place and felt entirely un-needed. It took away from the scenes if anything. I'm fine with the ED music mixing in with the show if it's about to transition into the ED sequence, same with the OP music. But having it in the middle just felt really weird.

Armstrong continues to prove how epic he is, nothing can stop those bulging muscles!

Mai's scene was quite short compared to the rest of the gangs air-time, but we'll be seeing more of Envy next episode, and guys this is an episode you are not going to want to miss!
The end of this episode surely proves that next weeks episode is going to be exciting, Mustang is back on the scene, and it won't just be small flicks of flames.

A very good episode that kept the excitement running constantly, and has gotten me really pumped up for next weeks episode, get ready guys for one hell of an episode!

He's literally going to burn your ass!

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