Friday, 9 April 2010

Naruto 490 - I've been waiting for this to happen for a long time

I'll just join what everyone else thinks, we're all guessing that's Madara's body in that coffin.

So this was a bigger improvement over last weeks chapter, although i'm still not fond of some of the Akatsuki members being revived still (it feels cheap to me.) it is interesting to see Kabuto has something that will keep Madara from not co-operating with him.

Although it seems to me both sides are planning on betraying one another, I believe Madara said he needed Sasuke for his moon plan? And Kabuto appeared to lead some Konoha ninja's to find Madara's base. Who knows whats going on there.

Meanwhile back to Naruto and the frogs we learn exactly why Naruto has lost control when using the kyuubi's chakra, when you take the Kyuubi's chakra your taking it's will or mind along for the ride as well, but it seems with this key Naruto has been presented it will allow him to tap into the Kyuubi's full chakra, but if he does not learn how to control it, essentially the Kyuubi will be re-born.

So Naruto ultimately decides that it's time to learn how to control it, he also accepts that without it, he won't be able to win against Sasuke.

For me I'm very happy with this development, I was never fond with the Naruto that refused to use the Kyuubi's chakra, and seeing that Killer Bee used it without worry was a tad annoying. So I'm guessing Killer Bee knows how to keep the chakra and the will/mind of the 8 tails separate, it's gotten me thinking he may be the one to train Naruto? Either way like i've said before I look forward to them meeting, and i'm also looking forward to the results Naruto will achieve one he's gained full control over the Kyuubi.

Sasuke could barely handle the 8 Tails, so how about handling a Sage 9 tails kid?

Nearing the end of the chapter we come back to Killer Bee as he's trying to come up with some new lyrics, it's annoying in the manga but I find it oddly funny in the anime. Kisame seems to still be about, waiting to strike, I honestly can't wait for him to finally die, I don't dislike his character but I think it's time he goes now, I don't like it when characters take too long to die.

Anyway at the end it seems in three days there will be a meeting of the joint shinobi army, not all that interesting, but it makes me wonder whether Kisame will strike before then or during it?

Either way I enjoyed this chapter more than last weeks, and I'm enjoying Naruto a lot more than I usually do, looking forward to next weeks chapter!

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