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FullMetal Alchemist 106 - Each chapter continues to leave us eager and excited for more

This chapter was indeed beyond awesome, quickly! Go read it!

Chapter Summary -

Scar explains what his brother realized and learned during the Ishbal war, and the measures he took to stop Father's plan.
With this Ed and the others now have access to the limitless energy of the Earth, in which they barely have to put any effort in their alchemy to attack Father, despite the fact none of their attacks are reaching him, Hohenheim tells them though that every attack helps, and the longer time goes on the closer Father will go to breaking point.

Father then proceeds to move upward in order to replenish his stone supply. Everyone begins to make their way upwards as well, all except for Ed, who has his showdown with Pride.

Pride explains how exactly he managed to force Mustang to open the gate, but it came at a price of his body now starting to break apart. However since Ed shares the same blood as Pride does, this makes him a strong candidate for a new container, in which proceeds to attempt and take over Ed's body.

During this moment Kimblee shows up in Pride's mind, Pride is initially confused as to how Kimblee has managed to keep his sense of self in the typhoon of souls, but Kimblee remarks that for him screams on anguish are like lullabies to him. Ed then manages to turn the tables, Pride assumes he is going to be killed, but Kimblee knows exactly that is not what Ed intends to do.

Ed turns himself into a philosopher's stone and invades pride, ridding him of the many souls that kept him together, reducing him to a form similar to that of Envy's. Ed lays the now Small pride in his jacket, he tills him to wait there, and once everyone is all over he is going to apologize to Mrs.Bradley.

Meanwhile Hohenheim manages to turn up in time to stop Father from replenishing his stone. Hohenheim then goes on to say to Father that his existence is dead end, it's here Father demonstrates the ability to create human body's for the people of Xerxes, the king being one of the people among them, causing distress to Hohenheim.

However Father then goes onto wipe out the re-born people, filling Hohenheim with rage, and with that the chapter ends.

Thoughts -

I'm sure anyone who's already read this chapter will agree that it was extremely exciting, it's cool to see how the homunculus weren't the only ones with a plan behind their sleeves, and that the humans were just as prepared.

Seeing everyone work together to attempt to get Father down was also nice to see, but I can't help but feel that if Mustang had his sight, they would have an instantly huge advantage. However I think he's going to have Hawkeye direct his attention to where Father is, so he can still have a few more flames in this series.

However the highlight of the chapter for me had to be Ed Vs Pride, it's been clear for a few chapters that there was something with Pride since he had his hand over his right eye all the time, and we finally see why and how he got Mustang to open the gate, I'm glad that wasn't left open in the air.

Arakawa's art continues to be pretty damn awesome, I'll miss it once FMA is finished.

I also enjoyed seeing Kimblee make a return, he wasn't one of my favorites but I really did love him making a comeback in this chapter. His small speech about Pride was pretty good to, since it showed that in Prides desperation, he had given up all sense of his own Pride. I think for Kimblee it was a better send off than we initially thought he had.

Also I'm wondering how Ed managed to reduce Pride to his true form? Maybe he learned how to from Marcoh? I'm a bit confused on that matter but it was still a very cool scene, and also interesting to see that Ed still retains his not killing ethic even with a Homunculus.

What a cool send off, goodbye Kimblee, we'll all miss your insanity and love for Anguish Lullabies.

Not too sure how I felt about Father having some of the Xerxes people being re-born, that was quite an awkward scene, maybe that was the intended effect. I'm hoping that in the next chapter though Mustang manages to help everyone at least in some way.

Although Ed and Al still need to retrieve their bodies, whether this will happen before or after they defeat Father, well I guess we'll have to wait and see. But I'm thinking that if they manage to get their bodies back they can surely get Mustangs eyes back no? Next months chapter can't come any sooner!

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