Saturday, 17 April 2010

Kaichou wa Maid-Sama 03 - Tsundere Cuteness Overloooooaaddddd....~

So cute I cried myself to sleep.

Thoughts -

So this was a pretty decent episode, we got to see some nice development between Misaki and Usui and we also got some more depth added to Misaki's character as we see the length's she will go to in order to perform well at work.

Basically it's the little sister day at the maid cafe (unfortunately not the little sister some may know from Bioshock.) and Misaki clearly has trouble pulling off the little sister act. Even when she manages to do a fairly good act by the end of the episode it isn't head over heels cute.

But those twin tails and her blushing is what makes her the cutest thing this season and since you ask yes this review is going to consist of me explaining why Misaki is so damn cute.

Her sister is pretty cute as well, but lacks the Tsundere quality i'm afraid, 8/10 though.

Also Usui had a considerable amount of screen time I was happy to see, as always it's fun to see how easily he can push her buttons and get under her skin. Especially at the end of the episode where he made her shout at him during her 'Little Sister' act, however she quickly pulled herself together.

The cute 30 year old manager Satsuki noticed Misaki is only able to go to such lengths thanks to Usui, lets just see how long it's going to take the Tsundere to realize that though?

However it seems by the end of this episode Usui has noticed and acknowledged that he likes Misaki, and he's ready to start chasing her, which I'm eagerly looking forward to as this mean's he's really going to start getting to her, and it's going to be even better when she drops her guard around him.

So cute I'm considering on changing this blog's banner.

Also the humour was a bit better in this episode as well, I do enjoy the perverted things he says to Misaki, such as the best colour for her tow ear would be transparent, and that if she was his little sister he'd be very turned on and would take pictures of her when she's sleeping. He sort of does it in a non-pervy way which adds to the hilarity.

My favourite scene without a doubt was when a girl confessed to him and he replied by saying he was a hardcore Otaku who's obsessed with maids and that it turns him on so much that he wears maid uniforms and jumps in joy. If a girl ever confesses's to me without a doubt I shall have a similar response to Usui's

If I was in this anime I'd probably be joining the manager, or pushing Usui out of the way whilst making Misaki mine.

This was a very fun solid episode, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I was going to and I continue to love Misaki and her Tsundere goodness, I just can't wait for Usui bring all her walls down so we're left with the flustered and very cute Misaki (trust me, there's more cuteness to come.)

Next week another cute girl appears, but we'll all be repeating Admiral Ackbar's famous line.

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