Saturday, 17 April 2010

Angel Beats 03 - ...Oh dear...

We see this same scene about 3 times, I'm surprised his bladder didn't explode at the end of the episode.

Thoughts -

So this episode was quite disappointing in comparison to the first two episodes, I was left feeling rather odd and unsatisfied.

Not a lot happened in this episode to be honest, we mainly got to find out what killed Iwasawa, the leader of the girl band from the first episode. It was a rather sad fate for her considering her early life was difficult for her, but as she grew up she got stronger and was heading towards a future she enjoyed, singing and playing her guitar. But due to being hit on the head with a bottle during one of her parents past fights, it left her with a Cerebral Infarction that caused her to collapse at work, leading to her being unable to speak, and her eventual death.

It was a rather cruel fate, not as cruel as Yuri's but still a sad one. But it didn't manage to make me tear up, unfortunately this episode was where we got to know Iwasawa for the first time properly, so it's hard to cry over a character we've only just been introduced to.

I'd probably have the same reaction, I suck at maths.

However I was liking Iwasawa, she's voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro, one of my favourite voice actors. There was another concert in this episode, although I'm not sure if it's Miyuki who does the singing or not, either way I enjoyed it.

Unfortunately at the end of the episode Iwasawa simply just disappeared, Angel didn't get rid of her, from what we can assume she simply accepted what happened, and no longer wanted to fight against god. I was quite annoyed to be honest, we spent a whole episode getting to know a character only for her to be taken away from us, it felt like the episode was completely un-needed!

It was all very frustrating, I'm hoping that the other character's pasts aren't revealed too early any more as it's really softening the blow and it's no where near as emotional as it could be.

She's also pissed off that she left the show on it's 3rd episode.

However one thing I found interesting was the scene's involving Angel. It seems she's rather perplexed by the fact everyone consider's her as the bad guy. We also find out she gets her abilities the same way the group get their guns. It seems you can almost get anything from dirt these days. You'd think Angel would get them from God, so it makes me think she's actually the innocent one, I'm thinking Otonashi is going to be the one who gets to know her properly.

With Iwasawa gone does this mean the awesome concert scenes are as well? Even more reason to dislike this episode.

Like I said this episode was some what of a let down, perhaps my expectations for this series have been too high, but I'm still hoping to be impressed by it, perhaps the best is yet to come?

I suppose we'll find out in the coming weeks, lets hope the next episode isn't as disappointing.

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