Wednesday, 14 April 2010

One Piece 581 - Times are certainly changing, here comes the New Era!

For once he's not covered in bandages, no quick recovery for Luffy this time.

Thoughts -

So of course the action has died down now, which is a welcome change of pace, I enjoyed reading and seeing the immense number of fights going on, it really was quite hectic in a good way.

But now the war is over the story is moving along even more. I was surprised to see the super nova's were outside witnessing the war, i'm glad none of them (well except for Law.) turned up to par-take, I suspect we'll be seeing a lot of them soon though. Bonny seems quite pissed off with someone though, I'm thinking she may be angry at Luffy (no idea why she would be, but she doesn't seem to be that fond of the straw hats in the first place.)

Also we got some fortune telling from Hawkin's regarding Luffy's likely-hood of surviving, it appears his survival rate never becomes zero. Considering he's the main character and all this would appear obvious to the reader, but it seems Luffy has got a lot of treatment ahead of him.

I'm kind of glad to see he won't be up and about in just a few days, and I also suspected Hancock would have him taken to the Amazon Lily, I'm just wondering if Oda is going to add a twist to Luffy's recovery. But from the looks of things the focus will be taken off Luffy for a bit, which shall be interesting.

Law looks weirdly bad-ass there, but the size of Boa's breasts heavily distract us from his awesomeness.

Also I'm very glad to see Iva and Jinbei survived, I was scared their wounds were going to cost their lives. But i'm wondering whether Iva will go back to his kingdom or stay with Luffy during his recovery, considering his Dragon's son and all. Although if Iva goes back to his kingdom he'll end up meeting Sanji, or if Iva decides to see Dragon for all we know Robin may be there, seems Iva may help bring some of the Straw hats back to their captain, lets wait and see.

Also i'm surprised at what Blackbeard did in Level 6, he's a lot more cruel and evil than he seems to be. Although I wonder who will be the Marines main concern, Luffy the son of Dragon or Blackbeards crew? Well as long as the Marine's don't know that Luffy is slowly recovering he'll be safe for a bit.

However it seems the higher ups may be making an appearance soon, at least their presence is starting to feel clear, ordering that it must be kept quiet that dangerous pirates escaped from Level 6, Sengoku did not appear pleased.

It'd be a lot cooler for him if he didn't die at all really.

Also it seems Doflamingo is getting orders from the higher ups, to kill Moria it seems. Bit of an odd move, and why is someone like Doflamingo working with the higher ups? Although it's been made clear if he's taking orders from the Marines, it makes me think he may be working with our old friend Enel, I mean he's up on the moon right now, and Doflamingo did point up saying 'Try higher'.

A very interesting chapter, after a week without One Piece this was very enjoyable, and I'm just as eager for next week's!

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