Friday, 9 April 2010

Bleach 399 - So very little happening..

Gin will now forever be known as Bleach's most over compensating character.

So this unfortunately wasn't much of a thrilling chapter (same with a lot of bleach's chapters lately.) We got to see Isshin fighting on par with Aizen, not much was to be seen here though as we were pulled to Ichigo and Gin's fight, in which Gin talks about the first time he met Ichigo (you know, when bleach was good.) Ichigo then goes on to say how he doesn't even know what he saw in Gin's heart when their swords first clashed, in which Gin goes on to say Ichigo isn't amusing as he once thought, he's just a creepy kid. (which is pretty ironic coming from the guy who never opens his eyes.)

He may be creepy himself, but he does actually open one of his eyes this chapter, being the most exciting thing about this chapter.

Gin then finally reveals his Bankai, where we see Kubo's originality really shine... basically Gin's sword can go even longer, probably the most boring bankai we've seen thus far, and the most disappointing, I was hoping for something a bit more exciting for Gin's bankai. In fact it seems more impractical than useful.

Ichigo manages to block Gin's attack, causing surprise to Gin, in which he repeats himself saying Ichigo really is a creepy kid.

So it wasn't that much of an eventful chapter, not all that exciting. As you probably noticed next weeks chapter will be Bleach's 400th chapter! I'm guessing we'll get a colored piece of art work to celebrate it, so at least we'll have something pretty to look at next week.

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