Saturday, 10 April 2010

Kaichou wa Maid-sama 02 - Where's Usui?

Remember kids, a flustered tsundere is a cute tsundere.

Episode Summary -

It's time for the culture. festival, almost everything has been perfectly planned by Misaki but the boys hinder her plans on her idea of a perfect culture festival. Rejecting everyone of their idea's causing them to rebel against her word, and not following her word when most needed. How will things turn out?

Thoughts -

While this wasn't a bad episode it wasn't all that great either, it certainly had the comedy but it wasn't good enough to make me chuckle or laugh out loud, infact Angel Beats second episode did a better job.

Although of course I understand this show isn't all just about comedy, and it did have some decent character development for Misaki, although she's declared she hates men, that being the main reason she rejected most of the guys festival idea's, in the end she's learned from her mistake, and realizes as the council president she can't blank out an entire group's worth of voices.

This may seem un-relevant, but look at those uniform colours! It's no wonder the school has such a bad reputation.

We also got to see Misaki in maid cat uniform which was of course very cute, and now that she has her own little fanbase that constantly visits her, it is fun to see how she deals with the despite the fact she has to be kind to customers.

Anyway it was Usui that made Misaki realize what she was doing was wrong, although she dismissed his advice at first, it was nice to see she came to the realization in the end, and that the guys decided to give her another chance and help out.

One odd sing during this moment though had Usui speaking in English, or well Engrish. It wasn't all that terrible, and I can't really complain if a foreign voice actor can't pronounce some of the words properly, it just felt awkward. Even more weird by the fact apparently an English accent makes the girls swoon for him, something that reality unfortunately for me does not reflect.

Trust me that is not the best way to show a girl that you like her, I know this from experience..

Nearing the end of the episode and the end of the festival, Misaki takes a rest in the forest where Usui shows up, and they end up sharing a small moment in which some of you may of thought he was going to kiss her. It wasn't really that romantic but it was fun to see Misaki's flustered face and how calm Usui is during all of it.

It was another safe smooth riding episode with not much to scream about but agian had some nice character development, but my one problem being is that Usui doesn't seem to be in this show a lot so far, his scenes appear to be rather bare. I can't remember if it's like this in the manga at the start, it's just a bit irking considering the fact he's obviously going to become Misaki's love interest, and we haven't seen a whole lot of him.

The more he makes her flustered and nervous the closer we get to the kiss!

I believe this will change in future episodes though and although this review may colour you thinking I'm not enjoying this anime much so far then please don't get me wrong, it's most certainly not bad, I'm just wishing it could step up it's game a bit, I'm feeling impatient for the many great moments we'll see between Misaki and Usui.

And also considering this anime only appears to be 13 episodes long, they'll need to cram in as much as possible. Regardless of this episodes content i'm still looking forward to the next episode!

(Note: you may have noticed my review style changes a bit, sometimes I go in huge detail about what happened in the episode, or I just talk about my thoughts instead. I've decided it's best to just write a small summary and then share my thoughts, I figure if you guys want to know what happened in the episode you'll go watch it yourself.)

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