Thursday, 15 April 2010

Bleach 400 - Aizen continue's to be extremely boring

You would've thought they just flick bits of ink at the page.

Thoughts -

So Bleach continue's to be very boring to the point where vomit would probably be more appealing, at least it would have some fucking detailing to it. (seriously, whats with the constant white background?)

Again it wasn't an exciting chapter, however it seems Gin's bankai doesn't simple go really long, it can extend and retract at roughly the speed of sound, meaning Ichigo will have toruble avoiding it. But at this point I question how useful Gin's bankai still is. I thought the whole point of Ichigo's bankai was to compress his strenght in favour of higher speed, plus if he put on his mask i'm sure he'd no trouble avoiding Gin's sword.

Somehow this seems like an easy win for Ichigo, although I don't see there being a conclusion to their fight.

Umm that's great and all, but how long will it take for you become a decent character?

As you can probably tell I've got a bit a disliking for Aizen, no actually I hate him. Seriously it gets pretty boring having to seem him stand there with a smug look on his face all the time, and he just won't shut up. I'm hoping someone has a Bankai that renders Aizen mute.

He's become a boring villain that you really don't like, not because of his actions but just because he's not interesting at all, we've been given this smug ass character and he's barely changed. Gin's bankai may not all be that great but at least he's an interesting character, plus he retains quite a bit of mystery to himself.

Quite simply as always this was a very disappointing chapter, and for the 400th chapter we didn't really get anything special either. Maybe in the 500th chapter Kubo will learn how to draw backgrounds.


  1. Other than muting Aizen, we also need a paper bag to cover up his face.

  2. Lets hope someone does it, and soon