Saturday, 17 April 2010

Durarara 14 - Shingen, best character so far?

Shizuo doesn't ask for a ride, you just give him one regardless.

Thoughts -

This episode wasn't what I was expecting,I was expecting for Anri to be pretty shaken up by the whole experience of seeing people being brutally attacked, but we didn't really focus on her as much as I thought we would.

With that said this episode was not necessarily a bad one, in fact we did spend most of last episode focused on Anri so another one focused on her would be slightly out of place or perhaps boring.
Instead we continue to move the story along, where Shingen (Shinra's dad.) continue's to be a great source of amusement for us, but he seems to be slightly twisted underneath, as we find out he was the one who sold Celty's head.

The reveal of this was actually a rather funny scene, Shingen accidentally slipped it out, and pretended to use the elevator to escape in which Celty rides out of a window to chase him, only for him to come out of hiding from the stair way.

Not only is he funny but he also rocks at hide and seek.

However one thing I must bring up again is how much I hate Celty and Shinra loving each other, as we've seen in this episode Shinra has been keeping things from Celty, It makes me wonder if he's been hiding anything else.

One scene I appreciated though was Celty having a small talk with Mikado, it's nice to see they aren't strangers to each other, and I'm hoping they work together again soon, the boy who wants an extraordinary life will surely need another adventure with Celty.

Shingen appears to be working with Izaya and Namie, and the war Izaya is planning is coming together faster than he expected. My best bet is that he intends to get the the coloured gangs into another fight, Dollars vs The yellow Scarves. Unless more of the coloured groups return. Either way it's going to be exiciting to see how it comes together.

And the pervet teacher strikes again, perving on Anri again, he creeps me out as well. Although Kida came to the rescue again and mentioned the girl Niekawa, the girl who changed schools due to the perveted teacher. He seemed very nervous when her name was mentioned, it makes me wonder whether we'll be seeing her in a future episode or not. I'm sure this is an important plot point or they wouldn't continue to bring up the topic now and then.

He wears a mask and carry's toy guns around? How much cooler can Shingen get?

Also it's revealed that the Slasher may not be just one person, but it's a sword named Saika that possess's people. However I find it weird that during the moment's the Slasher is doing their work, a person named Saika appears in the dollars chat room spouting random sentences, I know it's a demon sword but how and why is it going on a chat room, that's a bit of an odd spirit surely.

Anyway it appears Shingen used this sword to take Celty's head, which I find sort of confusing, but I'm sure we'll get some more information on it later. Shinra had a pretty half-arsed excuse for not telling Celty this in the first place, and I'm sort of hoping Celty see's Shinra isn't someone you can put a lot of trust in.

Another thing that confused me is that we've seen the Slasher use a katana before in one of their attacks, which I assume is the demon sword Saika it's self. But we've also seen the Slasher using ordinary knives, seems a bit random and out of place to me.

So far this episode only brought up more questions than answers, this isn't a bad thing though since it's nice for a story to retain it's mystery this far ahead, it's the main reason why I eagerly look forward to this show each week.

I had a lot of mixed feelings with this episode, but I'm left looking forward to next weeks since it appears Celty and Shizuo shall be working together, perhaps they'll end up encountering the Slasher? Although it seems the Slasher is about to attack Anri, I can make out who the Slasher is from this though, the preview being the main hint, but as we know the Slasher doesn't appear to be the same person throughout the attacks.

Either way i'm hoping we get a bit more answers soon, I'm itching for some.

(sorry if this review was a bit off, i'm very tired and exhausted, so bear with me.)

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