Monday, 12 April 2010

Arakawa under the Bridge 02 - Better than the first episode, and i'm in love with the OP

Ok she's weird, but she's extremely cute even if she is about to eat a fish raw.

Episode Summary -

The episode focuses on Riku and him still adapting to his new lifestyle. He's managed to have get some nice furniture for his new home. It hits him that Nino is actually currently his Girlfriend, in his room with him. This makes him start to feel nervous and he attempts to strike up a conversation with her, but fails due to her plain weirdness.

Later on as Riku is sitting by the river he realizes how much he would love to have a Bath, at this moment he turns round to see Nino in a barrel bathing and chanting. After she's finished he climbs in and he then has his hair washed by her, due to his upbringing he says he'll pay her back for doing it, but she says there's no need to, since she did it because she wanted.

After this Riku is introduced to the rest of the people who live along with beside the river, he introduces himself wrongly causing the mayor to kick him, Riku then corrects himself and introduces himself as Nino's love, something some of the residents are un-happy with.

Later on a mass is held with a Sister who's actually a man with a gun, causing a lot of fright to Riku, but the Sister turns out to be kind but of course just like the residents, very weird.

Thoughts -

I've decided to start blogging this since although I didn't like the first episode, this second episode has made me like the anime a lot more than I initially did.

The first thing I have to mention though is the OP for this, I'm not usually all that into Japanese music, nor am I always bothered in the OP for anime series. But I really liked the music used for this OP, it wasn't the generic crap I usually hear in most anime OP's these days, I like the singers voice a lot, plus Nino was all kinds of cute in it!

Those two look oddly cute together, no matter how many fish surround them.

The episode was very funny though, it was fun to see Riku trying to find something to talk about to Nino, but realizes that no ordinary points of interest will apply to her. He ends up saying to her 'it must be spring on Venus right now?' (she claims to be from Venus.) It was funny to see how much effort it took him to do it, and how Nino looked rather bewildered by him.

Later on you could say we got some Nino fan service? To be honest when I saw Nino in that bath barrel I half-expected for us to get some naked Senjougahara treatment, turns out she was wearing a towel the entire time she was in the bath. But it was a strangely touching scene when she was washing his hair (despite the fact she was using cleanser that they use in sinks.) The last time someone had done that for him was his Father, and he was forced to do the same thing back to his Father in return.

It feels like Nino actually cares for Riku a bit, rather than just following what lovers do. Perhaps we'll actually see something blossom between the two?

Is it me or do girls look ten times hotter when they put their hair up? Nino pulls it off very well.

Although we were introduced to the other Resident's we haven't really gotten to know them much yet, I'm assuming they'll be touched upon in the upcoming episodes, but so far it seems very few of them like Riku, later on the Sister said a lot of them had confessed to him saying they wanted to hit Riku, a funny scene in it's self, but you can't help but feel sorry for Riku, lets hope he pulls through.

The five-second mass was pretty funny as well, where the Sister-man simply asked if anyone had done anything bad, that was it. If every church was like that I may of been more Religious as a child. But the Sister-man appears to be a kind man, if you ignore the fact he uses a gun to get peoples attention, but hey it can also fire Rose's to be put into Nino's hair!

Jesus approves of this anime man.

A very strong episode for me, the animation can feel a bit off at times but it wasn't enough to stop me from enjoying myself and I'm really looking forward to future episodes, I'm just hoping we do get some sort of development when it comes to Riku's and Nino's odd relationship, I'm not expecting drama, but at least something would be nice.

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