Friday, 2 April 2010

Naruto 489 - Don't worry Karin, your not the only who didn't like the last page

Now this was by no means a bad chapter, I did enjoy it, but I'll leave what I didn't like till the end.

So Tsunade is back and pretty much near healed, I thought Kakashi was going to become Hokage for sure this time but seems he just missed it again, although he doesn't appear to be fond of the idea of filling in the position.

But it gets me wondering what role Tsunade will have in the story now, what battles will she partake in?

Also I'm wondering why Naruto and Sakura haven't really spoken about the whole confession thing, I'm aware Sakura's confession wasn't genuine, but she knows Naruto is in love with her, and we don't even know her feelings, on whether she still loves Sasuke or not, I'm assuming for now this topic isn't going to be touched upon in the manga for a while.

Naruto has also received the key to releasing the kyuubi, apparently it will help Naruto master a certain Jutsu. So far all I can imagine is that it'll mean he can go into Sage mode and use the Fox's chakra at the same time, it was sort of shown he could before, but that's my half-assed guess.

More interestingly Naruto's future was told, the premonition of him fighting Sasuke is something we've all known, but I'm excited to know Naruto shall be meeting Killer Bee, something I'm really looking forward to! Although will Naruto meet him whilst he's in his Octopus Bijuu form? I'm hoping the two don't clash, and instead fight together, certainly a force to be reckoned with.

And now for the part that I greatly disliked, Kabuto reviving some of the Akatsuki members, I'm well aware it isn't an exact revival, but still I don't like revivals in stories, it just feels cheap to me and I'm annoyed Orochimaru is still in the story, well he's dead now but is basically him now, and I'm getting tired of it, I want him out of the picture!

Although Madara may reject Kabuto's proposal of working together, although do any of us see that happening?

Well either way, despite my dislike of the last page, I look forward to next weeks chapter!

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