Thursday, 1 April 2010

Bleach 398 - All he'll need is his fingers


Wow, it sure has been a while since we last saw Ichigo's dad, through all the very serious plot and countless battles we've received through Bleach lately, Isshin is some relieving fresh air, he always manages to bring hilarity into any situation, even when he appears to be serious.

I wasn't really expecting for Kubo to explain everything during Isshin's arrival, we're in the middle of a big fight so to throw in a long winded revealing explanation would certainly feel out of place.

With that said I'm even more eager for this whole arc to finish. I'm sure all readers just want to know the story behind Isshin, and I think it'll help make Bleach that more interesting and exciting again, compared to how dull and rather bad it's been this past few months.

Although Isshin managing to blast Aizen through buildings with the mere use of his fingers does promise exciting things, could there finally be...*SHOCK* Someone who can over-power Aizen?

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