Saturday, 10 April 2010

Durarara 13 - Things are taking a disturbing turn

Seriously these two creep the fuck out of me, but they're not the disturbing turn I speak of.

Episode Summary-

The episode starts off with some news clips concerning Celty and the Slasher who's been slashing all kinds of people. We later move onto Ryƫgamine and Sonohara has Kida teases them both a little.

Later on Celty is confronted by the police, her odd powers don't make them falter causing her to hastily make an escape as they chase her, along with one police-man who seems hell-bent on capturing her. After Celty manages to escape her pursuer's she seeks comfort in Shinra, but is later asked to pick up his father, someone she does not particularly like.

Here we see him wearing a gas mask being threatened by some thugs, in which Celty scares them away. Later on we see that the yellow scarfs gang are back about as well, and it appears Kida has had past relations with them.

Lastly as Sonohara is walking home she is confronted by the 3 bitches, pushing her about and mouthing abuse at her, it's here the Slasher appears and attacks them, leaving Sonohara witness to this.

It would be cool to see the Slasher and Shizuo fight, but I think it's safe to say that if he's killed fans would rage!

Thoughts -

So now the whole Celty's head arc is finished (well I assume her head will be re-united with her by the end.) we're now focusing on the other oddity of this story, the Slasher!

I'm not a big fan Seiji and Harima as you may of guessed, they seriously do creep me out and I'm hoping we don't see them again in the show (plus Seiji in particular annoys me.) I'm also not all that big on Mikado and his conversations with Sonohara, it's not much fun watching them barely being able to talk to each other, Kida is what helps bring some life into this scenes.

For me this show doesn't need to produce any romance between any characters, it just doesn't feel right or it's just plain weird and creepy for me. Shinra and Celty creep me out as well, I have noting wrong with Celty but Shinra seems like a weird slime ball to me.. the girls in this anime seem to like the wrong guy.

Well anyway those frustrations out of the way it wasn't a bad episode, it's nice to see we're getting a new focus on different characters, Shinra's dad I'm looking forward to seeing more of, I already like him more than his son.

I've heard Japan's air can be quite smoggy, this guy must really hate cigarettes though.

It was pretty funny to see him acting tough in front of those punks, but only due to the fact he thought Celty would rescue him. (which she eventually did.)

Along with new characters appears to be a man who isn't scared of any monsters, Kuzuhara Kinnosuke who has a reputation of going to crazy lengths when chasing his opponents. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about him, but I suppose it's interesting to see someone who Celty is afraid of.

If I was her I'd be pissing myself. Or smiling happily that the people who I hate are being stabbed to death.

Now we yet again get to see the Slasher in action, where/she kills the 3 girls who frequently bully Sonohara. Now I never liked these girls in the first place so it's nice to see them getting some punishment, but despite that it was an extremely uncomfortable scene for me, the music, the atmosphere, the way it was played out really was quite creepy, something that really made me like the episode at the end. I do like it when a show manages to creep the fuck out of me through violence.

However during this we got to see another chat room convo going on (consisting of Celty, Izaya and Mikado.) During their conversation about the Slasher, the Slasher her/himself showed up in the conversation, spouting all kind of weird things. Whoever it may be, it's clear they are not mentally stable.

The end of the episode really got me excited for Durarara all over again, and I'm looking forward to us seeing more of the Slasher and delving into some of the other characters past. Exciting and Disturbing times indeed!

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