Friday, 9 April 2010

B Gata H Kei 02 - Not as generic as I thought it'd be

Lady's take note, push your breasts out and you can get anything!

So this episode wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. When an anime decides to have the characters go to the beach or pool together this usually means we get a truck load of fan-service and zero development, censored breasts may be your liking but I'd take character development any day.

The episode starts out with Yamada discussing with her friend the disastrous results that happened between her and Kosuda, and now she plans on more ways to seduce Kosuda, despite his now small initial fear of her.

So Yamada and Takeshita approach him and ask if he's willing to join them at the pool, he's at first un-sure but Takeshita's breasts and Yamada's puppy dog eyes end up persuading him.

That ponytail makes her a hundred times hotter for me.

Now we get a small bit of fan service here as Yamada tries on her outfit, she's confident that Kosuda will certainly fall for her when he See's her in the swimsuit. Although she even goes and searches on the Internet on how to get her swimsuit to fall off, something I'm sure would seal the deal for Kosuda. Although she ultimately decides she doesn't need to resort to such things (something I'm glad, it's a bit of anime cliche which is seen too much these days.)

All the cool girls use Google Chrome, wait sorry.. I mean Cooglo Chrome.

Despite the pride she holds for her body, she's reminded of what she considers her one glaring flaw..

Don't worry girls, not all guys chase for cow tits.

Meanwhile at Kosuda's house he fantasizes about what Yamada will end up wearing at the pool, but he decides that he'd prefer if she wore nothing. Ironically his sister walks in with nothing at this moment, unfortunately no hentai like development happens, sorry guys.

The next day at the pool every body's jaws are dropping at the sight of Yamada in a swimsuit, something she's happily aware of.

Anime continues to have imaginative ways of portraying an erection, except who's ever had an erection that flashes?

We're then introduced to Takeshita's boyfriend, one who I say destroys the laws of time and space! A glasses man with an attractive female? Has the world gone mad? Only in anime huh? Anyway moving along seeing how lovey dovey the two are Yamada decides to go on some of the water attractions with Kosuda to get closer with him.

He ends up holding her on one of the water slides which she mistakes as him taking the initiative. However in the end it turns out he's simply afraid of heights, proven by the fact he'll even latch onto Takeshita's boyfriend during it. (Bit of BL maybe?)

Yamada is of course angry and sad with Kosuda, distancing herself from him during the Fireworks display. He's at loss what to do but Takeshita and her boyfriend advise him on what to do and he manages to fix things up with Yamada, in which we get a nice touching scene between the two.

It's a touching scene, but look at her neck! What the hell is going on there?

I appreciated this scene a lot as it was nice to see the two share a moment together that wasn't based on them wanting to have sex.

The next day Yamada and Takeshita discuss the moment the two shared, Takeshita mentions they're like love birds now, but Yamada quickly says she doesn't like him, she's still only using him to lose her virginity, but it's showing this may not be entirely true any more.
She now reckons she's close to having sex with him, prompting her to go and buy some condoms for the both of them.

Wait a minute...her burger is from the F.B.I? I think this anime is more complex than we think.

Whilst browsing the many condoms Takeshita says won't this just make Yamada appear to be a slut, Yamada quickly and enthusiastically says thats exactly what she wants people to think, this anime can be pretty funny at times.

Later on with Kosuda as he's passing by a shop he starts thinking whether he should get some condoms, just in case the event in which they are needed arrives, but he quickly runs off home saying he's not ready for it.

Man it's really going to be a long ride until they finally fuck isn't it?

She's ready to go anytime and anywhere!

However despite her confidence of her and Kosuda hooking up, a hurdle has gotten in the way of her plan..

A rival has appeared, and she's much larger than B Cup...

The rest of the episode is Yamada basically stalking Kosuda and seeing who this mysterious girl really is. Turns out she's one of Kosuda's childhood friends, and she's deeply in love with him, but of course anime rules dictate that he is completely oblivious of it.

Yamada decides she'll make it clear that Kosuda is hers, and hers alone, but instead ends up encouraging the girl to pursue her feelings for Kosuda. This will certainly make things interesting.

Conclusion -

This show so far has turned out better than I thought it was going to be, I was really expecting we'd get a lot of fan service with this episode, and thankfully we didn't, we got some nice development between Yamada and Kosuda and it even shows signs of Yamada starting to gain feelings for Kosuda, i'm sure she won't be all too aware of it at first but I look forward to seeing how close the two will get.

It's also nice to see the show can balance the humour and serious scenes well enough, and the humour can be pretty good it's self at times, Yamada's arrogance is actually fun to watch play out.

It appears the next episode will be during their culture festival, and Yamada is not backing down on her efforts to seduce Kosuda, i'm only hoping we continue to have development between the two and not only laughes.

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